EU uses UK taxpayer money to fund report branding Boris Johnson as key figure in “Islamophobia Network”

Load of Shit, the Barbaric Totalitarian Ideology of islam refuses to recognize any other religion or Political movement and islam HATES the TRUTH to be Known about it so it begins a media led Bullshit parade about Hate Speech when the speech is the Truth and islam HATES IT. The Pretentious Bigoted Fascists are islamic Followers and it’s advocates . Islam is not a religion, but a complete barbaric civilization. Islam has a position or rule for every aspect of life. It is a religion, culture and political system, a complete way of life. If Islam were only a religion, it would be of no concern. As an example, Buddhism is a religion, how much media and political space is concerned about Buddhism? Buddhism makes no demands on a civilization. Islam makes demands on every facet of society.
Totalitarianism is a political system of absolute power where the state has no limit to its authority and regulates most aspects of public and private life. There are no competing political parties since they would balance and limit authority. The critical element of totalitarianism is absolute power striving to rule in as many areas of life as possible.
Totalitarianism in Islamic Doctrine
Totalitarianism is found in the very name, Islam. Islam means submission, submission to the Koran and the Sunna of Mohammed. We see the basis for absolute power in Mohammed’s life. After he went to Medina, he became a jihadist and attacked his neighbors. When he arrived in Medina, it was half Jewish. In two years, there were no more Jews left in Medina. They were exiled, assassinated, enslaved and executed. Mohammed attacked the pagans of Arabia and the Jews. After Arabia submitted to Islam, Mohammed turned to Syria and attacked the Christians.
In the end, Political Islam will not tolerate opposition. After Mohammed died, Abu Bakr, his closest companion, became caliph. His first order was to attack and crush the Muslims who wanted to leave Islam. Everyone must submit to Islam and once a Muslim, you must remain a Muslim, or you can be punished.
The next companion of Mohammed who became caliph was Umar. His ten year rule was spent in jihad conquest of the Christian and Zoroastrian Kafirs.
Turkey used to be called Anatolia or Asia Minor and was a Christian civilization. Today Turkey is over 95% Muslim. North Africa, Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon used to be Christian. Afghanistan was Buddhist; Pakistan and Malaysia used to be Hindu. Today they are more than 95% Muslim. Islam does not reach a balance point with the native civilization; it dominates and annihilates the indigenous culture over time.

This process of total civilizational domination is the Law of Islamic Saturation. The doctrine calls for jihad to never cease until the native population submits to the Sharia. As time goes on, the Sharia brings about submission to Islam. The doctrine is totalitarian, so the result is totalitarian.

Islam is the most successful totalitarian system in history. There are post-Communist societies and post-Nazi societies but, there are no post Islamic societies.
Allah originated in polytheism and long before Islam ever arose. Mohammed was born in 570 and began preaching about his new religion of Islam (with Allah as its god) around 610. He gained 150 converts in his first 13 years of evangelism in Mecca and then went to Medina where he pursued physical, or combat, jihad while acquiring 100,000 converts up until his death in 632 A.D. using the name of Allah. However, the god name Allah had existed several centuries before Mohammed co-opted it as the god of Islam. Allah was a truncated form of Al-Ilah, one of the 360 pagan deities worshipped by the nomadic pagan and polytheistic Arabs at the Kaaba in Mecca before, during, and after the time of Christ.Mohammed’s father was also named Abdullah (meaning “slave of Allah”.) A tribe of Jews was called Abdullah bin Salam in the Bukhari Hadith. islam is nothing but partly stolen from the bible adding arab names to convince arabs.